«C# & .NET Core» course

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Contents of «C# & .NET Core» course (briefly) [full version]

  1. Hello, C#! Welcome, .NET Core!

Part 1, C# 7.1

  1. Speaking C#

  2. Controlling the Flow and Converting Types

  3. Writing, Debugging, and Testing Functions

  4. Building Your Own Types with Object-Oriented Programming

  5. Implementing Interfaces and Inheriting Classes

Part 2 – .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Standard 2.0

  1. Understanding and Packaging .NET Standard Types

  2. Using Common .NET Standard Types

  3. Working with Files, Streams, and Serialization

  4. Protecting Your Data and Applications

  5. Working with Databases Using Entity Framework Core

  6. Querying and Manipulating Data Using LINQ

  7. Improving Performance and Scalability Using Multitasking

Part 3 – App Models

  1. Building Web Sites Using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

  2. Building Web Sites Using ASP.NET Core MVC

  3. Building Web Services and Applications Using ASP.NET Core

  4. Building Windows Apps Using XAML and Fluent Design

  5. Building Mobile Apps Using XAML and Xamarin.Forms

  About tutor
Alexander Vasilevsky Alexander Vasilevsky: Full-cycle development skills in analyzing, designing, programming, implementing and testing applications using C# (15 years), ASP.NET (12 year), Delphi (7 years), XML/XSL, Oracle (3 years), MS SQL Server (2 years), PostgreSQL (3 years), MySql.